Did you know that 60-65% of a child's working vocabulary is acquired by age three?  That two-thirds of what is learned in life is learned by age six?  That 80% of a child's character is established by age five? 

   Children spend approximately 1,260 hours per year in school.  They spend approximately 6,500 per year out of school.  They spend approximately 40,000 hours at home before entering school. 



   Here at Chapelwood we believe that God established the home as an important role in society.  We as parents take seriously our duty to raise our children in a Godly atmosphere.  Whether we choose to send our children to public, private or home school, we know that the role of the parent is the most important aspect of a child's life.  The church should be a support to the home, and programs such as Sunday School or Youth Group can be beneficial but can never replace the care and nurturing of the home. 

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   No one knows for sure how many home school students exist in our country, but the estimates run as high as three million, and the numbers seem to be increasing every year.  Each of the states has its own compulsory education laws and they vary considerably.  In Illinois the law states that children must attend school between the ages of 7 to 16, be taught branches of education commensurate to those taught in public schools and be given instruction in the English language.  Students being homeschooled in Illinois do not have to register with the state but some voluntarily do so.

Here are some great website to guide your search: 

http://www.home-school.com/ (Home School World)

For those considering college for their students graduating from homeschool, we recommend that you check into Patrick Henry College, which was started by Michael Farris, a leader in the homeschool movement.  The college website is:  http://www.phc.edu/   The college address is:

Patrick Henry College, One Patrick Henry Circle, Purcellville, VA  20132  -- (540) 338-1776